Electrofusion Welding Services

At South Coast Pipelines, we provide a variety of services that have been finely tuned over the years. With an extremely talented team, we are highly qualified in:

  • Installation of new pipelines
  • In-ground tie-in welding
  • Installation of new valves/hydrants
  • Connecting new copper house connections
  • Set up temporary bypass lines
  • Removal of existing pipework
  • Custom fabrication
  • On-site fabrication
  • Pipework/spools installation
  • Installation of scours and air valves
  • Debeading
  • Electrofusion welding
  • HDPE pipe welding
  • Water main renewal
  • Water main replacement
  • Water main installation
  • Poly pipe welding
  • HDPE fabrication
  • Fusion welding

We also offer;

  • Supervision
  • Operators
  • Boiler maker
  • High-quality welding equipment

From managing projects to integrating, you’ll feel as though we’re a part of your team.

We are proud to say that all projects we have completed so far, have been accomplished with zero incidents.

Call today to discuss your project.